Aveh Chen

Aveh Chen

Marketing Specialist, Biz-Warm Leads

Sydney, Australia

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Her skills

  • B2B
  • Telemarketing
  • Telecommunications
  • Sales management
  • Sales
  • Marketing communications
  • Marketing
  • Computer software
  • Computer Network
  • Cloud Computing
  • B2B Sales
  • B2B Marketing
  • Wireless

Her hobbies

InternetB2B Appointment SettingB2B TelemarketingMarket ResearchDesign

About her

Keep your sales pipeline flowing with Biz-Warm Leads proven lead generation and appointment setting solutions. Get all the tools you need for successful campaigns in a single, flexible, and easy-to-manage package tailored to your specifications. Work with a team of specialists to help you reach and nurture prospects using all four key marketing channels:

1. Call Marketing. This component uses both inbound and outbound telemarketing techniques to let you:

Engage with prospects on a direct and personal level.
Move prospects through the sales cycle more effectively.
Get instant response and follow-up.
2. Email Marketing. This part of the package integrates email marketing tactics (drip, bulk, or auto-response) allowing you to:

Use targeted emails as starting or follow-up contact points.
Reach more prospects more quickly.
Have an added layer of platform to respond and get a response.

3. Social Media Marketing. This channel leverages the power of platforms like LinkedIn, enabling you to:

List Item #1Provide continuous engagement with prospects.List Item #2
Establish and manage your brand’s reputation.
Get crucial prospect information to help you personalize.
4. Online Marketing. This component includes SEO, web design/development, and content marketing to help you:

Become easily discoverable and more visible online.
Turn your websites and landing pages into revenue-generating assets.
Become a trusted online resource center for your niche market.

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