Charles Canning-Smith

Charles Canning-Smith

CEO & Founder, Chocolate Mobile

Currently employed at Chocolate Mobile


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    Charles Canning-Smith is an international entrepreneur who currently owns and operates Chocolate Mobile, a wireless entertainment company with headquarters in Britain and Australia. Prior to his involvement with Chocolate Mobile, Mr. Canning-Smith served as Chief Executive Officer of the Australian mobile content company Consumer First. Charles Canning-Smith has also assumed senior positions at Basex in New York City and BMW in Munich. Using software compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and other major mobile platforms, Chocolate Mobile specializes in serving photo, video, and music content directly to the wireless devices of its customers. As founder and CEO, Charles Canning-Smith has amassed some of the leading minds in the mobile industry to deliver a full line of world-class wireless products and D2C solutions. From Chocolate Mobile’s UK and Australian head offices, Mr. Canning-Smith supports international operations that extend to South Africa, Scandinavia, New Zealand, and Latin America. A British native, Mr. Canning-Smith obtained his primary and secondary education at The King's School in Macclesfield in Cheshire where he excelled as a member of the School’s rugby team. Upon graduation, Mr. Canning-Smith matriculated at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle. Undertaking a curriculum in International Business Studies with German, he ultimately obtained his Bachelor of Arts with honors in January of 1995. In addition to Charles Canning-Smith’s work with Chocolate Mobile, he also serves as a principal member of the investment firm Ballpark Ventures. A boutique company specializing in the high-tech field, Ballpark Ventures leverages the expertise of professional entrepreneurs like Mr. Canning-Smith to provide critical support for a variety of early-stage startups.



CEO & Founder

At Chocolate Mobile

From December 2007 to Present

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