Georgios Mihos

Georgios Mihos

Living the Dream Today Not Tomorrow - George Mihos

Melbourne, Australia

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George Mihos is widely regarded as Australia’s foremost Outstanding Success, Peak Performance, Business and Wealth Coach. He has personally coached and trained people from a wide range of backgrounds, which include athletes, corporate professionals, academics, trades people and students.
One of the youngest athletes to ever play national league soccer, George’s life changed overnight at the age of 20, when his young cousin was diagnosed with leukaemia and given just six months to live. After her death George was so disturbed that he decided to devote all his time to finding out the meaning of life and his true place in the world.
It was not until nearly ten long and difficult years into this journey that George finally discovered his true calling. It came to him via the almost miraculous birth of his daughter whom he named Stephanie in honour of his mother which was also the name of his deceased cousin. His proclaimed mission in life on this planet is to add value to the lives of other people by helping them discover their own calling, to live in the present moment with passion and purpose and to be the best that they can possibly be.
His financial, peak performance and life transformational events have been witnessed by thousands of people across Australia. It is common to hear testimonies from everyday Australians of how they were able to rapidly take control of their lives and achieve abundance in their finances, relationships, health and personal lives after meeting George.
George is a successful entrepreneur and businessman and has developed a range of businesses that include Education, Coaching, Property Development, Online and Digital Marketing Solutions, Joint Ventures, commercialising start ups and many more.
In honour of his cousin who passed away, George set up the Multi-Cultural Leukaemia foundation to raise funds for leukaemia research. He is passionate about children and is excited about reactivating his Academy for Young Australians to educate future generations on the attainment of financial self sufficiency. His goal is to set up unique self supporting Academy’s across the country for children and run away adolescents.

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