Glenn Wood

Glenn Wood

Ghana Free Trade Zone Analyst, Particip GIZ

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    1: A Master’s degree in economics, social sciences, business management or equivalent • I have Doctoral, Masters and Bachelor’s degrees in economics. The theses for the Doctoral and Masters degrees cover the political economy and economic efficiency of indirect taxes (customs, excise, VAT). • I have lectured at the university and polytechnic level in economics, business studies and customs and trade studies (customs officers and agent/broker training) in six countries. 2: Good knowledge of trade and economic integration issues • More than 20 years’ background experience in trade development and economic integration including in depth cost benefit analysis for USAID, World Bank, Asia Development Bank and GIZ: o At the macro level this has covered customs unions, free trade zones and agreements in Asia (ASEAN Vietnam and Laos, SASEC India and Bangladesh), Africa (EAC Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda)and the Middle East (GCC United Arab Emirates), (Israel, Jordan Palestine, USA FTA). o At the micro level working on the impact of border control and logistics integration in the countries indicated above and also in the Pacific (Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea) and Balkans (Montenegro and Kosovo). 3: Excellent command of the English language verbally and in writing (knowledge of Tagalog would be an advantage) • Native English speaker. • My theses and the reports listed in the attachment were initially written and presented in English although about half were prepared with the expectation that they would be translated and intended for non-English speakers • My written work and analysis cover a wide range of trade facilitation subjects ranging from estimating the impact of introducing single window and TBT/SPS integration in Bangladesh, Israel/Palestine and across the East Africa Community to identifying revenue risk and leakages in Ghana’s Free Trade Zone Program and implementation of preclearance processing and risk managed targeting in PNG, Jordan, Vietnam, UAE, Palestine and the East African Community. • No knowledge of Tagalog. 4: Capacity to function effectively and harmoniously in a multi-cultural setting • Extensive relevant experience as team leader or member over the last twenty years in Asia, Pacific, Middle East, Balkans and Africa in multinational, multilingual and multidiscipline capacity development and research teams. • This has included running team development and beneficiary training programs in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Kosvo, Montenegro, UAE and Palestine. 5: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and relevant internet and email software • Extensive experience with the basic Office software mentioned above and also with technical Office software (Access, Visio) and the software particularly when used in concert with national Trade, Customs and Tax databases to develop trade, transaction and targeting models up to the level of modelling specific industries and full economies tax and trade estimating purposes. 6: Experience in developing countries, experience in the ASEAN region • Eighteen years’ experience in thirteen developing countries including two ASEAN members Vietnam and Laos. 7: Solid experience in the management of projects and/or providing technical assistance in developing countries • Eleven years’ experience as project team in ten developing countries. This covers the full range of project logistics from initial project design through implementation and operation and extends to closeout review. See also item 10 below. • Project Management was the one of the majors of my Master’s degree. 8: More than twenty years professional experience in development research and policy analysis economic modelling, trade facilitation and customs/tax capacity building employed by: • Government: in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, UAE. • International organization: UN in Montenegro and Kosovo, World Bank in PNG, Vietnam and Laos, Asia Development Bank in India and Bangladesh, USAID in Jordan, Montenegro, Mongolia, Palestine, EAC, GIZ in Ghana. • Consulting Firms: Eighteen years’ experience in research, analysis and implementation on development programs for companies based in Australia, Germany, Japan, Lebanon, UK and USA. • Academic: Both masters and doctoral theses addressed problems of political economy related to taxation across a large number of countries. 9: Demonstrated ability to draft reports and correspondence clearly and quickly • Extensive experience in analysis and writing to tight deadlines for executive level consumption. My two most recent taskings provide good examples of this capacity. They were: • For USAID a six week cost benefit analysis of their interventions supporting road transport facilitation at borders across the five member states of the East Africa Community (EAC). • For GIZ a one month impact assessment of Ghana’s Free Zones regime to establish revenue leakage levels and determine if the existing law was serving its required purpose. • See the attached list of publications and reports for further information. 10: Experience with donor funded projects would be an asset • Fifteen years’ experience working with projects funded by UN/UNDP, World Bank, Asia Development Bank, USAID and GIZ in development projects in Asia, the Pacific, Africa, Middle East and Balkans. • Well experienced with the problem of working to meet the possibly conflicting needs of two “masters” that is the donor and the beneficiary. This experience includes limiting beneficiary expectations to what is permitted within the donor’s prescribed scope and financial limitations. • I am also experienced in the procurement rules and financial restrictions mandated by these donors.


University Of London, London

Postgraduate Certificate, International Trade Law

From March 2013 to September 2015
WTO and GATT Trade Law is like arm wrestling at the national level without resorting to physical violence

Ghana Free Trade Zone Analyst

At Particip GIZ

From April 2014 to May 2014
Free Trade Zone Analyst. Good Financial Governance Program (GFG).Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Particip, Conduct impact assessment of Free Zones regime to establish if FTZ operators are serving their purpose. Identify loopholes in FTZ regime, which contribute to...
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East Africa Community Impact Analysis Advisor

At Chemonics International USAID

From February 2014 to April 2014
USAID, Chemonics Research and develop impact analysis for three initiatives covering: * Simplified clearance system for small importers and exporters at inland customs offices. * System for facilitation of trade and cargo transfers and settlement between EAC member states * ...
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Southern Cross University, Lismore

Doctor of Business, Southern Cross University

From February 2007 to October 2011
Thesis on the international compliance costs of indirect tax.

Southern Cross University, Tweed Heads

Doctor of Business, Business Administration

From February 2007 to October 2011
Thesis on tax policy and procedure efficiency across nine countries

Montenegro Customs and Tax Policy Advisor


From January 2011 to February 2011
Customs and Tax Policy Advisor, Strategic Review of Tax and Revenue Operations UNDP Assess existing tax and revenue systems covering all economic, legal and institutional aspects. To develop proposals for a systemic upgrading of Montenegro's public finance revenues system. Existing procedural...
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ADB Trade and Customs Advisor

At Asia Development Bank PADECO

From February 2010 to December 2010
Bangladesh-India, Feb - Dec 2010 , Trade and Customs Advisor, South Asia Transport Capacity Development Project, Asia Development Bank Advise ADB Transport Division on all technical matters concerning logistics, tax and revenue arising out of regional road, rail and marine trade expansion...
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Laos Customs Modernization Advisor

At World Bank PDP Australia

From February 2009 to June 2009
Customs Modernization Advisor, World Bank Ministry of Finance Modernisation and Capacity Building Project, PDP Australia, World Bank, Lao PDR Customs PDP Australia, +61 2 99781300 Design, develop, implement Lao PDR Customs and Trade Facilitation (LCTF) Project; Implement ASYCUDA legislative,...
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Team Leader Customs Modernisation

At Deloitte & Touche (M.E.), Abu Dhabi UAE

From April 2006 to September 2008
Team Leader Customs & Border Control Modernisation Deloitte & Touche (M.E.), Abu Dhabi Dept of Finance, Michael Krstic Review existing trade facilitation and customs revenue systems covering economic, legal and institutional aspects, identify leakages and bottlenecks....
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Team Leader TaxCustoms & Macroeconomic Analysis Montenegro

At Bearing Point USAID

From April 2003 to June 2008
, Team Leader Tax, Customs & Macroeconomic Analysis, USAID Montenegro Ministry of Finance Capacity Building Project, USAID, BearingPoint, USA, Bruce Reid The overall purpose of the project was to enhance economic and fiscal stability in Montenegro by bringing the Ministry from...
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Vietnam Compliance & Enforcement Advisor

At World Bank Padeco

From January 2005 to April 2006
Customs Compliance & Enforcement Advisor, World Bank Customs Modernisation Strategic Plan, Scott Wilson, World Bank, Purpose of project to enable Vietnam to become fully WTO, ASEAN & compliant in customs activity. Audit current customs/trade systems and structure in relation to all trade taxes....
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Mongolia Customs & Tax Law Drafter

At Chemonics USAID

From November 2005 to February 2006
Customs & Tax Law Drafter USAID Trade Capacity Growth Program USAID, Chemonics International, USA, +1 202 955 3300 To reduce inefficiencies within the current customs, excise and tax policy and administration. Prepare ``International Best Practice'' revised drafts of the existing Customs,...
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Charles Sturt University, Wagga

Graduate Certificate in International Relations, International Policy

From February 2003 to October 2003
Major in International Trade Development and Policy

Charles Sturt University, Wagga

Graduate Certificate in International Relations, Charles Sturt University

From February 2003 to October 2003
Majoring in international trade and taxation policy.

Jordan Team Leader Customs Modernization

At TSG International

From January 2002 to February 2003
Team Leader Customs Modernization, AMIR II Project, The overall purpose of the project component was to bring Jordan Customs and associated border control and trade organizations to WTO standards and to assist in implementing the Jordan-USA and Palestine-Free Trade agreements Lead Team to...
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Senior Adviser GST Policy and Legal

At Australian Taxation Office

From January 2000 to December 2001
Senior Adviser GST Policy and Legal, Australian Taxation Office Lead team responsible for primary industry and agriculture policy on GST (VAT). Developed national GST policy for agriculture portfolio; advise on implementation of GST to primary industry bodies and train staff and public in related...
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Director Revenue Policy UNMIK


From April 2000 to May 2001
Director Revenue Policy, United Nations Mission In Kosovo KPMG, EC/USAID, UNMIK The overall purpose of the project was to enhance economic and fiscal stability in Kosovo by bringing the Ministry from being a regional tax authority under the direction the former Republic of Yugoslavia to a fully...
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Senior Customs Compliance Auditor & National Audit Training Officer

At Australian Customs Service

From February 1972 to November 1999
Senior Customs Compliance Auditor, National Audit Training Officer Policy Development Officer; Legal Services Officer, Sub-Collector /Office Manager Gove, Groote Eylandt, Canberra. Australian Customs. Trained and lead analyst team to target high risk clients, lead complex audits of customs and...
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Customs Team Leader

At Internal Revenue Commission Papua New Guinea

From February 1997 to May 1999
Customs Team Leader, Value Added Tax Implementation Project, Internal Revenue Commission/ World Bank The overall purpose of the project was to ensure customs and the trading community efficiently implement VAT and PNG's ASEAN and WTO commitments Managed implementation of VAT in Northern Region....
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University Of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba

Master of Business, School of Politics and International Studies

From February 1990 to October 1995
Thesis on implementation of VAT in three countries.

University Of South Queensland, Toowoomba

Master of Business, University of South Queensland

From February 1989 to October 1995
Thesis on the politics of tax implementation. Major in Logistics

TAFE Lecturer Various Locations

At TAFE Australia

From 1986 to 1993
Part time Developer and Lecturer of customs, trade, business, management and economics courses at the in Brisbane and Canberra colleges of technical and further education.

Supervisor of an ABS Census District

At Australian Bureau of Statistics

From February 1986 to October 1991
Australian Bureau of Statistics Supervisor of an ABS Census District on secondment from Australian Customs Service. Interview, select, train and control all staff for census district during the period of the National Census.

University Of Queensland, Brisbane

Bachelor of Economics, University of Queensland

From February 1984 to November 1988
Major in Government Economics

University Of Queensland, Brisbane

Bachelor of Economics, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

From January 1984 to October 1988
Major in Government Economics


  • Customs, Tax and Trade data analysis
  • Excise Policy Procedures and Implementation
  • International trade
  • Logistics
  • Macroeconomics
  • present training
  • Research and develop impact analysis
  • Risk Management
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