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    Best-selling, international author of 'Crescent Moon Rising', the Asian Trilogy series, The Timor Man, Freedom Square and Jakarta and Indonesian Gold. GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs Editor, South-East Asia Background Information Kerry entered the Royal Australian Air Force in 1962. He was later cleared to the highest level of security and sent to the RAAF Airforce Base at Point Cook where he spent one year, along with a select few friends, learning Bahasa Indonesia. At that time President Soekarno's Indonesia boasted the third largest Communist Party in the world. Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War had just started and there was a growing fear that the threat of an Asian invasion of Australia was becoming a real possibility. Immediately upon graduation, and only 22, Kerry was sent to Jakarta as the Assistant Air Attaché and interpreter in the Australian Embassy during the final stages of the time which became known as the Years of Living Dangerously. This violent period lasted from October 1965 until the end of 1967 resulting in the death of some half a million Indonesians.Kerry spent almost three years in the Embassy before resigning from the Airforce and then establishing his own business in Indonesia. This soon became successful due to his access to the Indonesian Military and his former association with the Australian Government. Kerry was sought after as a commercial representative and was appointed by more than twenty major international groups to oversee their interests in Indonesia, these groups including BHP and Endeavour Resources. He became involved in such ventures as the supply of helicopters (Hughes) to the Indonesian government, and flew with Lee Archer on the first successful helicopter flight from Singapore to Jakarta in a Hughes 500. In 1971 President Soeharto granted citizenship to Kerry. This was the first time any foreigner had even been given such status without application. Immediately, due to his former security background the Australian authorities became concerned due to the sensitivity of material he had access to during his term in the Embassy and the Department of Air in Canberra. Kerry's Australian citizenship was stripped from him. Kerry is a sixth generation Australian. Disillusioned, he then went about establishing himself in his adopted country. Within a few short years Kerry had successfully carved a formidable niche in the Indonesian community.Some of those achievements are: He was founding member of the Young President's organisation in Jakarta. Over a period of 18 years Kerry founded and co-founded more than twenty companies and joint ventures in Indonesia. He built the villa estate in the mountains outside Jakarta known as Coolibah, in Cimacan, and developed other housing estates in Kalimantan. The George & Dragon, The Cellar Bar, Joanne Drew Salons were but a few of the many investments Kerry started.In 1985 Kerry was responsible for the promotion of the first private universities in Australia. He was co-founder of several educational institutions in Australia, including what became known as the Beaufort College in Perth.In 1989/90 Kerry established the first external satellite television service from Australia, Topaz, which was the first private satellite license issued by the Australian government.Kerry commenced working in Indochina in 1991, remaining for six years building hotel and other tourist projects. Kerry's Australian citizenship has recently been reinstated. Although Kerry currently holds positions as CEO of the 350 author group which comprises Sid Harta Publishers, he continues to be active in Asia as a senior consultant. Having lived in South East Asia for thirty years he brings unique qualification to writing his chilling novels. Birth Place Murwillumbah, Australia Accomplishments Listed in Australia's "Who's Who". Chairman & CEO 'Sid Harta Publishers' Asia Specialist Consultant. Contributing Editor (Indonesia & East Timor) for Washington-based Defense & Foreign Affairs 'Strategic Policy' RAAF Linguist Hovercraft Pilot (Australian Govt licenced) Author & Publisher Co-Founder of the Young President's organisation in Jakarta. Member of ASA, Qld, NSW, Victoria, SA and WA Writers,Australian Copyright Association, Australian Defence Association,AIBA, American Screenwriters Association and Life Governor, Foundation for Australian Literary Studies, James Cook University. Additional Information Author of:Crescent Moon Rising (The Bali Bombings) Indonesian Gold, The Fifth Season, In Search of Recogniton, Jakarta, Merdeka (Freedom) Square, The Timor Man. Co-editor of The Happy Warrior, an anthology of military poetry, and currently has his screenplay for "Indonesian Gold" with Fox Studios. Contact Information Sid Harta Publishers Suite 99, No. 66 Kingsway Hartwell, Melbourne 3150 Australia Contact Author: Kerry B Collison Favorite Links Kerry Twitter: Kerry Profile: Authors Den Kerry's Asia Information site Sid Harta Publishers Send us your manuscript: Submission details: Sid Harta Book Launch and Review Updates at: Kerry B. Collison Publisher and Author Sid Harta Publishers Pty Ltd Suite 99, No 66 Kingsway Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150 Australia (61) 3 95609920 email: ________________________________________ Titles published by Sidharta Press (Now accepting new author manuscript) What the critics are saying about Kerry B. Collison's novels: Cresecent Moon Rising by Kerry B. Collison - At a time when Australians are wavering in support of a proposed U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, more than six hundred U.S. Marines rotating on R & R in Bali are withdrawn from the island; then, Kuta erupts in a fireball and Australia falls into line with the American’s demand to become part of the ‘Coalition of the Willing’. Based on indisputable fact, a step by step account of the Bali bombers, the rise of extremist Islamic militancy across Asia and how Melbourne is selected as a target by al-Qaeda. Indonesian Gold The inspiration for this novel was based on events surrounding the infamous, billion-dollar BRE-X gold fraud, and the determined few who recklessly destroyed so many lives and severely impacted on local cultures with their all-consuming quest for gold, in Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. Merdeka Square (Released in North America as Freedom Square) “Tense, intelligent and gripping. Merdeka Square presents a rich portrayal of the terrifying crisis which brought President Soeharto to power, and explores an exotic shadowy world, mixing undoubted fact and exciting fiction in an intoxicating form.” Now available in Bahasa Indonesia Merdeka Square: Intrik Perebutan Tahta Istana - 1965-1967 The Timor Man is an absorbing thriller, provides a controversial perspective on events in Indonesia, and takes the reader through the brutal invasion of East Timor. The book gives an insider's view of the execution of foreign journalists and builds to a chilling finale, set in the present day. Jakarta Indonesia post-Soeharto: the new military government hits overdrive with ambitious plans to construct state of the art nuclear power stations in Bali and Java. 'Jakarta' completes the trilogy series by taking us into the dangerous and corrupt world of high finance and global politics. The Fifth Season Many readers no doubt will be disturbed, perhaps even incredulous at the novel's portrayal of the events surrounding Ten Days In May, 1998, when American-trained, Indonesian Special Forces shot and killed students on Jakarta's streets, and more than one thousand citizens lost their lives. In Search of Recognition - The Leo Stach Story A biographical account of extraordinary events in the career of Leo W.Stach, an expatriate geologist, during war and peace in the Western Pacific region, based on official documents as well as personal written records, together with his recollections, as narrated to the author, Kerry B. Collison, during a series of recorded interviews from December 1996 to June 1997. More information about these titles is available at Indonesian Distributor PT. Java Books Indonesia Jl. Kelapa Gading Kirana Blok A14/17 Kelapa Gading Kirana Jakarta Utara 14240 Indonesia Tel. 62 21 451 5351 Fax 62 21 453 4987 Email



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Kerry entered the Royal Australian Air Force in 1962. He was later cleared to the highest level of security and sent to the RAAF Airforce Base at Point Cook where he spent one year, along with a select few friends, learning Bahasa Indonesia. At that time President Soekarno's Indonesia boasted the...
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