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Kieran Revell

Founder & Principal, Kieran Revell International

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    Specialist leadership/communication/customer service consultant/speaker, teaching ethical business principles, effective communication & customer service skills. Assists corporations, SMEs (small/medium enterprises), non-profits & individuals to measurably improve leadership effectiveness/performance in Service Quality/Delivery, Communication & Team Development, through capitalising on skills and experience. ‘Every day in some conceivable way, each thought held, word uttered & action taken has the capacity to change the environment & ultimately, the world. Think only positive thoughts’ For 10 long years Revell endured a crushing speech stammer. Ridiculed & bullied, self-esteem & feelings of self-worth plummeted. He cured himself & in that instant, saw the future with much greater clarity & optimism. He survived a near-drowning episode at age 17 while surfing. It was a time of true enlightenment & began his journey of personal/professional discovery. Some years ago he spent time living on the streets of Sydney to better understand the plight of the homeless. In spite of some dark moments, he met extraordinary people & learned many crucial lessons. He heard stories of loss, heartache & tragedy: A time of true awakening. Revell has spent much of his life studying leadership styles, effective communication & customer service, enabling him to develop unique programs to help businesses to thrive in an ever changing global environment. ‘You cannot allow the sands of time to blow aimlessly about your door. Gather them up and use them in your hourglass as you forge new horizons: Time waits for no-one’ Revell wrote & produced a short film (What if?), about empowerment in disability & the question: ‘What if we had a choice about our lives’? It subsequently won several international awards. He has developed a world-first television series to enrich/empower the lives of homeless veterans & alert a global audience to their plight. ‘If you can dream it, you can think it; you can envisage it; you can believe it; you can do it and you can be it. Your life will be all you want it to be. Have faith in yourself and your ability’ Revell's life-changing books, 'The Unstoppable Power Within' & 'Release Your Unstoppable Power' are now available globally. Published by Sound Wisdom of Pennsylvania, there are distribution agreements in place for over a dozen countries, with more to come. The books have unprecedented support the world’s leading speakers/coaches. They include: Dr. John F. Demartini; Bob Proctor; Brian Tracy; Marci Shimoff; T. Harv Eker; Dr. Joe Rubino; Terry Hawkins; Lisa Jimenez; Jim Donovan; John Harricharan; Derek Mills; Jim Stovall; Dr. YKK and many others. For an organization to embrace a sound and effective leadership and communication initiative The promotion of personal growth and development through ongoing support and assistance to employees is imperative. Trust, integrity, respect, gratitude, faith, compassion, tolerance and understanding must be encouraged and recognised. ‘When you decide that success is to be an integral part of your life, develop a strong plan of action with a clear and unimpeded vision of what you want: Fuel it with passion and determination’ Every person, irrespective of means, has the capacity to establish clear pathways to success. It’s not a question of where you come from but where you want to be and the self-belief, drive and determination you have within, to take you there. Prosperity is the right of us all, no matter who we are or what our circumstances might be. Open your mind: Be certain of what you want and believe you deserve abundance in your world. Take the positive action necessary to achieve something truly amazing! Join Revell's Viadeo group Ethical Leadership & strive for a more promising future for the greater global community. Visit his amazing videos posts on his YouTube Channel, Kieran Revell International & his LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Imagine the possibilities.


Founder & Principle

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From January 2004 to Present
Ethical Leadership principles to increase workplace harmony, renew confidence and enthusiasm and improve productivity right now! Instigates realistic, practical and functional workplace initiatives for measurable improvements in harmony and productivity: Empowers corporations and individuals to...
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