Paul Rana

Paul Rana

Researching the Research on Paraplegic and Cancer

Melbourne, Australia

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His background

  • Today
    January 2007

    Looking after family member

    Home Carer

    Mother with Cancer, Passed away late 2012 and my partner became a paraplegic Mid 2012 and we are researching options that give us both hope.
  • Today
    December 2011
    January 1995

    Bridging the Gap between Ancient Wisdom & 21st Century Health Care

    Public Speaking, Wellness Presentations, Weekly Workshops

  • Today
    December 2006
    January 2005

    Director - Founder

    NuEra Health

  • Latrobe University

    Natural Resource Management
    Natural Resource Management
  • The Gordon Institute of TAFE

    Natural Resource Manigement Diploma
  • Today
    December 1995
    January 1983


    ASAP Screen Prining Machinery & RANA Machinery

  • Today
    December 1985
    January 1983

    Vic Central Maniger

    Mr Minute

    Looked after 10 stands in Vic Central Business District and also Bendigo and Ballarat
  • Fawkner Technical School

    Sheet Metal, design, science and maths

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His hobbies

Travelingpublic speakingcricketAustralian rules footballfishingManufacturing with steelMotor Bike Bush Tracking

About him

Based out of Australia, entrepreneur Paul Rana has reached people with varying types of disorders, including those with cancer, and shown them safe alternative therapies using integrative methods. Responsible for creating Australia's largest alternative cancer clinic, employing both doctors and naturopaths to work together, Mr Rana holds standing as one of few people to practice intravenous high pH therapy. He also ran the largest privately owned hyperbaric chamber, as well as provided intravenous Vitamin C and ozone therapy and chelation therapy to patients in his specialty built picture theatre.

Paul Rana has a philosophy and commonly quotes that he is "Bridging the Gap between Ancient Wisdom & 21st Century Health Care". Combining many alternative therapies, his goal has never to prove a therapy, rather a system of combining a program that teaches his students how to make changes for life. Changes in diet, stir in nutrition, then target the health challenge with whatever tools / therapies you have, and offer this in a calm natural environment, with trained experienced practitioners.

Recently, Paul Rana took a hiatus from his organization to care for his mother. Currently, his goal is to construct a new clinic in Queensland, Australia. The clinic, known as a ReTreat Facility, will aid in the recovery of people with several disabilities. This complex will treat those with autism, disc prolapses, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions. Among the tools Rana plans to use are hyperbaric oxygen, stem cells, platelet rich plasma, targeting peptides, and Lokomat robotic walking machines to name just a few. Again doing what is known is needed, and making it available all in one location, something not done yet in Australia.

Supplementing this endeavors, Paul Rana is working towards developing a non-profit organization called Making Changes 4 Life that will enable him to spread his belief in the power of integrative treatments across the world. Additionally, Rana writes manuals that espouse The RANA System, enlightens others about the therapies that will be available at the ReTreat Facility, and describes the ways in which they can enhance one's well-being with safety. Rana has been in the wellbeing industry for over 15 years, referred to sometimes as a naturapath, scientist, even a doctor, he claims non of those titles, simply a person that is doing the research because he cares and wants to bring about change that those in need want, choice.

Often spelt as Rayner in error, RANA is a name Paul chose over 15 years ago, it is an acronym for Rare Australian Native Animals, and that was back in around 1995 when he started his journey into healing and had a goal to build the world's best healing ReTreat, with native animals in abundance. Before starting his present career, Paul Rana held numerous positions throughout Australia. Originally a leather tanner, Rana built screen printing machines for a decade, built two homes and a factory with his own hands with the help of his sons, studied natural resource management, and became involved in the public speaking industry. Subsequently, he entered the wellness field and cared for the elderly and those with disabilities and cancer.

Paul Rana is a father of two, Micheal and Christopher, and his eldest son Micheal Rana has one son at school as well as twin boys at home, making him a happy grandfather. He is also an adopted father of a New Zealand girl Malina who has one boy and only a few weeks ago had twins, a healthy boy and girl all 3 under three.

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